Is an education experiment - to learn from each other, learn with each other and learn from ourselves in the company of each other. The emphasis is on dialogue which includes listening with curiosity, asking questions of clarification and avoiding advise or solutions. The idea was conceived and is facilitated by Sadanand Ward Malliard, an educator and founder of Mount Madonna School, California. Youth Alliance has hosted 2 Samvaads so far in Delhi on the themes “Learning and Leadership” and “Education that Liberates”.



Is a walking journey of 3 days into the wilderness that lets the participants take a break from the rushed city life and learn about themselves while being with nature. So far we have been to Kausani, Palampur and Solan for our journeys.


Kerünyü Ki

House of Listening

As the world becomes smaller through technology, the distances we feel with our close ones are becoming bigger. In Youth Alliance community and around, we are witnessing these shifts in relationships with our parents, especially as youngsters explore unconventional life paths.

Kerunyu Ki - House of Listening is a one day circle where together we will create space for conversations with young people and parents to nourish and nurture relationships. The first one is happening on 10th February, 2018 in Delhi.

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One Saturday each month, the Youth Alliance community members come together to serve in different ways. The focus is on engaging in group action and learning while doing. So far Action Learning Saturdays have included participating in an artist community mobilization, painting a school's walls, supporting a campaign in an unprivileged community and so on.

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To keep the flare alive and to create space for cross learning and cross pollination, Youth Alliance organizes Alumni Weekends every quarter. Beginning with August 2016, we have had two such weekends so far that celebrated the spirit of maitri (noble friendship) among alumni, strengthened their personal journey and laid foundations for value-based collaborations. The next alumni weekend shall be in August 2017 focused on supporting and building capacity of social entrepreneurs from our community. Stay tuned for more information.

Open Saturdays

Open Saturdays

We keep the second half of the Saturdays open for our Alumni to drop in and share their stories over brewing cups of coffee :)