Samvaad was originally chosen for the name of these gatherings that began in 2010 to encourage true “dialogue” between colleagues. The emphasis in dialogue is on listening with curiosity and asking questions of clarification. When we allow our curiosity to become greater than our criticality, we create a context for new ideas to emerge from within. Each of us bring the gift of our own inquiry and the spirit of deep listening as we take time to reflect and engage in dialogues with others who wish to learn more about themselves in relationship to the idea of education that liberates.

Guiding Principles of Samvaad

These dialogues are facilitated by our mentors:

Sadanand Ward Mailliard,  Mount Madonna School, California, U.S.A. and Ravi Gulati, Manzil, New Delhi.

Some Musings and Points of Reflection from previous Samvaads:

Samvaad’16: Learning & Leadership

  • How do we understand leadership in learning in these times?

  • Why are vulnerability and empathy  important qualities in leadership?

  • In a competitive and consumption oriented world, how do we develop the kind of discernment necessary to make choices that will lead to our personal well being and to the sustainability of our communities and the human experiment?

Samvaad’17: Education that liberates

  • What about the story of education do we need to shift?

  • What does liberation mean to you in the context of learning?

  • What effects do the relationships within the learning environment have on the nature of the human being in those environments?

  • How do we liberate ourselves from the things that hold us back or defeat us?

  • How can we develop the characteristics of resilience and reflection in education?



“The ability of the space to make us have deep conversations with strangers was something that I loved. Another thing that touched me was the question "Why we need education?". It made me reflect on why I need it and why I am again making my nephews and nieces go through the same system in which I suffered.” - Vibhuti, Former Team Member, YA

“The way Sadanand ji listened to my thoughts, pricked me constantly in his own beautiful ways to give expression to the myriad thoughts I kept bottled inside of me was amazing.
"Education that liberates" did liberate me in the sense that I now feel that yes I have a voice, some may not agree, some may agree but that doesn't diminish my choice!”' 
- Priya Maria, GM’16


Read a reflection by one of our team members, Shashank: