Since 2008, when the idea of Youth Alliance germinated to now-2017, when we are into our 7th year already, the journey we traversed is no less than a gift. Gift of seeing hundreds of young people defying the norm and setting on their own personal journey, many finding their voice, standing for what they believe in and negotiating with pressures from society and families. Our alumni today are leading by example, as development professionals, young entrepreneurs and explorers of life. We are proud that we have been able to build an organization that’s no less than a family to many, a space which is owned by not one but all, a space that accepts everyone as they are.

Sometimes we wonder as a team how did all this happen and all we could think of, is the love and support of numerous people that has been showered, has made this magic, a reality called Youth Alliance. Nonetheless, the journey also came along with its own challenges and learning. We started new programs, changed previous ones, deepened our approach, kept moving ahead with reflection.

As we continue on our quest for personal transformation and nurturing empathetic leadership, we hope to look back on our learning and move ahead with great hope to reach more youth in the coming years. With warm hearts and compassion, we hope to strengthening our community and welcoming all, one person at a time, one dream at a time!