Prakhar - an engineer by degree entrepreneur by heart co-founded Youth Alliance in 2011 as he began to see youth as a powerful resource pool. A strong believer in the idea of empathetic leadership, he currently bring his rich leadership understanding in Team Development, Fund-raising, Alumni Support and Program Facilitation. He makes his work fun for himself and people around him. Conversations over coffee is his food for thought. Earlier, he has been a Teach For India Fellow.

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Shashank, a graduate from Hindu College has worked with Youth Alliance since the initial years in various roles, nurturing himself into a skilled facilitator who leads the conversations by curiosity. He currently leads the organisation looking fund-raising, strategy and team development. Drawn by mountains and nature, he is passionate to understand ecology and economics and is in the journey to explore community living, sustainable economics and moral leadership and brings in a high commitment to living the values that Youth Alliance represents. His curious questions comes as good company as they make you churn and laugh at the same time. He is also an Acumen Fellow

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Tejal holds the chords of Youth Alliance from Mumbai. She primarily engages in program design, facilitation and documentation. Earlier she co-founded Ashiyana - a project that runs in Closed Institutions in Mumbai and has been associated with organisations like GiveIndia and Don Bosco in the past. Currently she also engages by developing and facilitating processes with young people and adults through various academic institutions, NGOs and Social Enterprises as a freelance professional. These include Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Seeds of Awareness, Blue Ribbon Movement and cBalance.

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Rachit finds a strange sense of solace in following his curiosity. After graduating from the University of Delhi he went on to pursue the Milaap fellowship in Mizoram. Later, he lived and worked with the tribal community in parts of Chhattisgarh and Odisha. Rachit has been involved with a number of causes and communities which render him with a myriad of stories. He, every now and then, spills his delight fetched from those stories onto paper. "Storytelling of any kind feeds the divine discontent of curiosity from which it naturally originates" says he. He believes in the idea of constantly jumping off cliffs and developing wings on the way down. Up until this year, he was involved in writing for art, art spaces and artists. Rachit is part of the Engagement team at YA.

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Saloni Madan

Saloni, a graduate in Economics from Delhi University, came as a participant for Gramya Manthan in Dec'17. Driven by the idea to shake the world in her own gentle way ever since her college days, she finally found her space and "Karma Bhoomi" here at Youth Alliance. She's on a quest to learn from people and their stories. Currently, she is a part of Engagement Process and Outreach at Youth Alliance. When not working, you can find her reading, binge watching a TV series or exploring some new places to eat at, around the city. Her newly found interest in Circular Dances is already taking her places and she also wishes to go on a Cycling expedition soon.

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Anisha's tryst with Youth Alliance began in 2015 as a participant of Gramya Manthan and later joining the team in full-time capacity. She has spent a few years pursuing a CA degree and realized numbers never excited her as much as stories did. She looks after the Alumni Movement and Communications at Youth Alliance. Always felt guided by the voice of her heart, she is driven by creating spaces of listening for people through her work. She is a silent lover of nature and finds her heart in writing.



Vibhuti an economics graduate from Lady Shriram College was part of the founding team at Youth Alliance. She has spent a long time exploring her passion in education and has worked with various organizations like Teach for India, Make a Difference,Shikshantar Andolan and Sri Ram Ashram(Haridwar) in different capacities. At Youth Alliance, she wears many hats,program design and facilitator for Earth Shastra and building the alumni community are a few. She is motivated and driven by continuous learning which makes her travel often. With her diverse interests in art, cooking and baking, clowning, cycling, interplay,she is exploring life through different mediums. Her most recent obsession is to unravel modernism and create conversations around it to challenge our perceptions about it. She is also very passionate about sustainable and holistic living and is looking at creating her base at an Eco farm in the near future.

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Priyanka Kumari

Priyanka, a graduate of Miranda House had opened her eyes in Youth Alliance family with 2017 Winter Gramya Manthan. A gramya-kanya (village girl) in not just a metaphorical sense, she came to Delhi as a college student with a commitment to not lose her ganvarapan (rusticity) in the big city dream. She loves to cook and serve whole-heartedly. Priyanka aspires to become mukhiya (leader) of her village in Sitamarhi, Bihar bringing about holistic transformation through small changes done with great love. Right now her address is Village Paliya, District- Kanpur Dehat working as a rural fellow of Youth Alliance.

Core Team

Imagining Youth Alliance without its core team isn't possible. We have been able to be and do because of absolutely committed and unconditionally loving members of our our core team. Here's are the super amazing people who have been part of the core team at different points of time in our journey together.


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