Personal Transformation

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Youth Alliance keeps the human being at the center. It has been difficult for us to quantify the changes an individual undergoes during the program or years beyond it. However, now we can see clear patterns of the change that happens.

It is through this sheer commitment to discover one’s own truths, take responsibility of one’s choices, heightened emotional intelligence, working for social causes and expanded career spectrum – that the alumni have been changing the world around them.

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Self Awareness

100% of the participants feel and demonstrate a grown awareness and understanding about their own self.

Emotional Well-being

Youth Alliance's processes enable emotions to be identified and expressed in a safe and trusted space. This facilitates the participants' definite growth in emotional intelligence and well-being

Building Community

Participants build their capacity to support each other and ask for support. This manifests as deep friendships, collaborations, mentoring relationships.

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Social Consciousness

Itis visible from the figures above that a major chunk of participants feel encouraged to serve the world and work around social problems, either by starting up their own organisation, or joining an existing one.

Expanded career spectrum

The Alumni of Youth Alliance find the courage to listen to their hearts and carve out a career choice which is in alignment with their purpose and values.