Q) Is the program safe for girls?

• In the last seven years, Youth Alliance has facilitated 10 rural journeys taking more than 300 participants to in our known community with half of them girls. There has not been a single untoward incident that has happened till date. We remain vigilant for the safety of girls to prevent any hassle. However, we seek your support to help fulfil the vision of a program that the participants can cherish.

• We have girls at responsible position as team members and we can also put you in touch with participants from previous years’ to know about their experiences first-hand.


Q) What should I carry with me?

Please keep in mind to carry the following things with you:

• Two copies of your photo identity proof for registration purposes.

• Prescribed Medication at the given time or often used, also inform the team beforehand about any medical concerns.

• Temperature would vary from 40°C to 45°C, so keep adequate summer clothing. Keep Comfortable Cotton Clothing suited to the village environment. (like Salwar Kameez for females and Loose pyjamas-Kurta/ shirt for males)

•  Glucon D and Electrol to avoid dehydration.

•  A small backpack or handbag to carry few things to villages everyday.

• Mosquito repellent, bed sheet, basic utensils (1 small bowl, 1 plate, 1 spoon,etc.).

• Laptops, if necessary.

• If you play any musical instrument, feel free to bring them with you!


Q) What is considered as confirmation?

• Mailing of Brief Bio (50-80 words), soft copy of a pass-port sized photograph and contribution of a mutually agreed amount/token amount by the due date will be considered as confirmation of participant for the program.


Q) What will be the facility of picking up from Kanpur railway station?

• There would be a cab or a bus available at scheduled intervals for pick-up on 13th and 14th June from the Railway Station. You might have to wait for other participants to arrive at the station. Coordinators from the team will be there to assist.


Q) What are the facilities for stay and otherwise in Gramya Manthan?

• The cohort shall assemble in Kanpur; from thereon, we will be travel on Day 2 night to villages 80 kms. towards Kanpur Dehat and return from there on Day 4 and will visit again from Day 6-8.

• A bus shall ferry you to the villages during the program.


Q) How do I know about this year’s participants?

• The lists of participants invited this year have been released on Youth Alliance’s blog and Facebook page with their respective institute and city. Additionally, you can connect with the participants from your city and state by writing on the Google group or you may contact the Gramya Manthan team for connecting you with people from your region.

For further queries please drop a mail at youthallianceofindia@gmail.com with subject "GM Summer 2019" or call Rachit at 07983828014

Q) Will there be a re-fund of the contribution amount if I withdraw before the program?

• Following amount from the contribution would not be refunded if the intimation of withdrawal happens on the following basis before the program:

  • Between 60 - 45 days: Rs. 4000

  • Between 45 - 30 days: Rs. 8000

  • Later than 30 days: No refund for amount upto Rs. 18000

However, reach out to us in case you have any doubts or queries. 

Know more about the contribution model here