Our belief system

It’s our sincere intention that this valuable program be accessible to all those who want to come, irrespective of their financial resources, and at the same time, we intend to cover the cost of organising the program and create a nurturing experience of the organising team who puts in their head, heart and hands in creating it. We want to look for creative ways to be inclusive as well as sustainable for all. We want us to be able to work for change and be well cared for at the same time.To bring this to effect, at Youth Alliance we are experimenting with the trust-based model of contribution to create collaborative, collective and co-owned spaces.

We propose a sliding scale of financial contribution that can accommodate varied paying capacities of applicants coming from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. We hope that your choice not just accommodates your own financial capacity but also the needs of the community that you are going to be part of.

Even after the program, the journey to seek change continues. The participants become part of the thriving, close-knit alumni community of Youth Alliance. We organize monthly activities, quarterly residential programs, and journeys and an annual get together to hold the community close and tight. It allows cross-pollination of ideas and learnings, and life-long associations.


What all goes into a program?

The major components of our programs which include - Program Design and Facilitation, Transport, Food & Accommodation, Material & logistics, mentoring etc induce significant financial cost.

Here is the rough breakdown -

40% of the cost is towards accommodation, meals and program logistics. The logistics would also include any additional arrangement at the venue, material, travel during the program (outstation as well as local), stay and food for organising team during the days of preparation, etc.

60% of the cost is towards Program Design and Facilitation. This includes honorarium for the efforts put in by Youth Alliance team towards outreach, engagement, research, design and facilitation of the program.

*Participants travel to and fro to the venue is not included in the contribution amount.

We invite any participant who can contribute more than the requested amount to consider giving more, as it will support the program organising and allow us to welcome more people to attend while contributing less.

If you find it challenging to pay the minimum amount, we are open to working out other ways for you to support us. We want to be sustainable while also making this offering inclusive to people with different financial situations. You can apply in the form and have a chat with one of our team member who will try to find a mutually acceptable amount.


Co-Creating a way to contribute that works for you

We aim to find a way to accommodate everyone who is unable to contribute at the level we requested through couple of options mentioned below. As you continue to read, we ask you to reflect deeply on what is truly possible for you. We have put thought and care into formulating these options, and would like you to also engage with the deep questions that arise as you join us on this new exploration to discern how much you choose to contribute, within your means and within your willingness, and in consideration of our needs alongside yours.

We want you to be there, and we want to find a way to sustain ourselves at the same time. Towards that end, we came up with the following approach:

  1. For those who are not able to contribute the full amount now and are able to do it over time, we offer a way to contribute in 4-6 installments. This is a way for you to be able to have more ease, and for us to have the full sustainability that we are hoping for. The installment facility is also available for those who are offering less than the full amount.

  2. For those who are unable to cover the accommodations and logistics portion, we plan to be in mindful dialogue with you to understand your needs more fully, to share with you our own situation as it appears at the time of our dialogue, and to explore creative options that are attentive to all the needs we identify. This will be done on a case by case basis.

Our primary intention is to creatively find ways to support and care for each other, with or without money and trust the larger process of life.

Inspiration - We are deeply grateful to Shammi Nanda (from Ahimsagram) whose words and way of looking at creating ways that can take into consideration everyone’s needs have inspired us to put this document together.