The red nose of the clown is the smallest mask that unmasks. It gives us the licence to just be, without the fear of judgement, without the need to 'fit in', without inhibitions. It liberates us and allows us to be who we wish to be in that very moment, ever present and aware. Clowning is a powerful tool to become more self aware and to learn to accept ourselves for who we are. We also learn to accept others around us and to see and hear them as they would like to be heard or seen. We also see the world from a different point of view- that of empathy and humour.The Clown is also a physical being, expressing most abundantly, with complete abandonment, with her body, face, sounds and silence. With clowning we connect with and learn more about our body and its wisdom, the ways in which it communicates. The clown is a spontaneous storyteller, a master of creating magical stories out of nothing.And all this, we do with ridiculous amounts of fun and silliness, and playfulness... something we adults are forgetting.


This workshop requires no previous experience in performance arts or any art for that matter. This workshop is for anyone who wishes to discover a new part of themselves and connect with their body. If you want to pause, take some time out for yourself, play, giggle yourself silly, look within and at the same time learn to create comedy and stories ON THE SPOT, this workshop is for you. This workshop is persons of age 16 to 100 years.WHAT WILL HAPPEN IN THE Workshop?Playing, moving, emoting, expressing, improvising comedy and stories, slowing down and just breathing, playing with sounds and props. You do as much as you can or as much as your body wants but the invitation is to push yourself and do what you would think is impossible or what you would stop yourself from doing.

About the Facilitator:

Vibhuti Aggarwal has been clowning for over two years now. She first got introduced to clowning through Compassionate Clowns in Ahmedabad. She has since learned and played along Purple Mangoes, a clown and facilitators collective. She also attended an intensive clowning course with "Clowns without Borders, Germany" in 2017. For the last two years, she has performed at Children's festivals, improv clowning at Farmer's Market Chandigarh, Improv in San Fransisco and Oakland and also facilitated a Clowning Residency in Pune in 2018.