"We think we live in the world. We think we live in a set of circumstances We don't. We live in our conversation about the world. We live in our conversation about the circumstances around us."

Ripples Blog is our way of engaging in the conversation about the world, with the world. It involves participants of Youth Alliance expressing their truth, their journey of transformation and contribution. It involves the team sharing about how members of YA community are creating ripples in the world around them. It involves our mentors sharing about what they see at Youth Alliance too.

Honestly, we don't want to keep Youth Alliance at the center of these stories but such stories at the center of Youth Alliance. For they inspire us each day, and challenges us to keep being aware and committed to the values we believe in and keep doing what we can and keep knowing more about the realities of our world.


We collaborated with The Logical Indian to give a broader platform to the stories of transformation that emerge from Youth Alliance community, here are few of them: