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Do you feel bothered about the environmental crisis? Do you also believe that only advocacy for better technology wouldn't save humanity from extinction? The call of our times is to ask fundamental questions.

We cannot solve climate crisis without changing the infinite race for economic growth based on ever-increasing consumerism. Deeper still, we need to reclaim connection with ourselves and with nature. And gradually, we need to recreate our systems realigned with our relationship with nature and focus on well-being.

If this call excites you, we invite you to make a beginning through a 2-hour session that entails deconstructing the dominant paradigm of development in our times, by digging into historical contexts and mass messaging. And its interconnection with the climate emergency. It lays down defining challenges of our century for our shared identity of economic people and nuanced identities of individuals, communities, social changemakers, entrepreneurs, healers, educators, parents and so on.

About the facilitator

Shashank Kalra leads Youth Alliance, an organization nurturing empathetic leadership in young people. They seek to transform the inner conditions of human beings such that outer conditions of human systems change. He is also an Acumen Fellow.

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