• Sambhaavna Institute,
  • Kandbari, Palampur, 176061
  • India

How would you live your life if I tell you that life on earth is going to end in 100 years?

The words economics and ecology have a common origin in the Greek work 'oikos' which translates to home. As we moved along, the distance between the two sciences has become enormous. And enormous has been the distance of the two with the human self.

Earth-Shastra brings together 30 young change-agents to embark on a 9-day immersive journey from across the country two times a year, in April and October. To explore the relationship between economics, ecology and the human self. After two remarkable editions in Palampur (H.P.) and Mumbai and, a collaborative edition with Swaraj Univerasity, Udaipur, we are launching the THIRD edition .

We deepen our lost connection with nature, deconstruct the current economic system and understand the ongoing economic and environmental crisis from an integrated lens. The focus is to develop the capacity to understand the big picture and the humility to start with small actions. It inadvertently involves focus on personal transformation and nurturing deep community over the 9-days and beyond. The immersive journey will involve nature connects, reflective circles, hands-on activities, creating everyday solutions.

The vision is to build ourselves into a community that fosters ecological way of being; inspires and amplifies action to harmonize the relationship between economics, ecology and human self.

Final Deadline: September 01, 2019

Apply Now: https://www.youthallianceofindia.org/earth-shastra/