At Youth Alliance, we have always kept the SELF at core, and believed that how we feel in our inner world is what we translate in our world outside through our intentions and actions and while our constant focus is on what needs to be changed outside, we thought let's bring some notice to how we can nurture the self in us.

With this idea of understanding the self better through self-love and self-care, we are coming together with The MoveVent Project for PLAY.

PLAY is a Dance Movement Therapy session designed for adults for releasing stress, re-establishing mind-bodyconnection, relaxing and fostering ways of self-care. The medium for all parts is mainly organic movement, arts and involves music.

The session will be facilitated by Shubham Srivastava. Shubham Srivastav, a Social worker, Kathak dancer, and a Theatre artist. For her, the idea of healing begins with the art of giving. She is soulful and is a ball of positive energy. Through her sessions, she helps you discover the power of healing.

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