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Stone Soup: A popular folktale tells of a visitor to a village who notices that the villagers seldom do anything together. On his travels he has picked up an unusual looking small pebble. He points to this “magic” stone and invites everyone to share in a magical meal prepared with the power of this stone: "stonesoup". But each one would need to bring something to add to the soup. So all the villagers arrive with carrots, tomatoes, beans and so forth, and soon there is a delicious soup which they all enjoy together. They are delighted at coming back together and sharing and realize the magic of community is not in the stone.

Stone Soup Adda is about sharing anything that has inspired, touched or moved you. The sharing may be in the form of writings and expressions, songs, music, dance, stories, activities, games or presentations. It helps to reach on time or even a bit earlier so we can sit together as a whole group for a round of sharing.