• What do I need to carry?
    We are going to be in hilly regions. Temperature would vary from 9°C to 15°C, so keep adequate warm clothing and necessary medicines. We try to be as sustainable as possible while we are there. Please carry your own refillable water bottle, a glass, plate and a spoon. Also carry chemical free products if possible. Please refrain from carrying any packaged processed food.

  • What will happen in the program?
    It’s a participative, co-creative process which includes multiple dialogues and sharing, hands on activities, space to connect with others, sessions with mentors and nature connects. Find the broad structure here. The 7 day process is designed to be intensive yet open. We will begin our days mostly around 7am and go on until 9pm.

  • What will happen after the program?
    Earth-Shastra aims to bring together passionate yet diverse individuals, take them through a deep process and enable them to act in their respective communities. An important area of focus during the program will be on action beyond the 7-days. The participants are encouraged to take up small local projects to apply the learning - the team shall create several ways for the community to support itself.

  • How will I travel to the venue?
    You are expected to travel to the venue on your own. We will be updating the venue details along with travel directions. We will be creating a whatsapp group closer to the date for the participants to coordinate and travel together in groups.

  • What is the criteria for invitation to the program?
    It’s a mutual selection process.Through a telephonic conversation, we both get an opportunity to understand each other and see the right fit for the program. We are looking forward to host individuals who are curious and committed to the cause.