Living into our intention of engaging with more ecosystems around Youth Alliance, a new first this year is co-hosting 2069? The Youth Fest, along with other ecosystems like Blue Ribbon Movement, Pravah, Moved by Love, Shikshantar, LSuC, Swaraj University, Bhoomi College and so on.

'2069?: The Youth Fest' is a space to disrupt old ways, to connect and to re-imagine the collective future 50 years from now.

A gathering to strengthen our youth leadership, learn from elders and build deep connections across ecosystems around the country. 2069 intends to be a space for 20 somethings to deep dive in their social change journey, build shared understanding of our challenges and create collective vision for our future along other youth.

At 2069, we intend to participate with around 30 alumni from Youth Alliance and create a space for cross pollination and engaging with larger ecosystem of Youth work and also live through the values that we nurture at YA. We will also be creating spaces like that of a YA Alumni Residential that aims to revitalize deep ties that were nurtured during the immersive programs.

Details of the Youth Fest

Dates: 1st-6th March,2019
Venue: Gandhi Vidya Mandir, Sardarshahr, Rajasthan
Contribution: 10,000 INR to 2500 INR on a trust based sliding scale.

We are inviting around 30 alumni from Youth Alliance, to represent YA along with individual projects, work and organizations. If you would like to attend the first Youth Fest, please fill in the sign up form here.

This is an invite only event. If you know anyone who would like to attend, please ask them to write to us at

Please read the concept noteFAQ's and Code of conduct to know the intent and co-create the fest with us.

सब ठौर जमात हमरी जमात
सब ठौर पर ही मेला
Everywhere is my community
Everywhere is a carnival!
- Kabir

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