The qualitative work like that of Youth Alliance has less financial supporters as the quantifiable impact takes time to be witnessed. Depth of engagement is more valuable than scale of operation for us. We work with a selected group of youth and our ripple effect model enables us to impact thousands through them. Raising resources having made this value choice has been a challenge but gradually the ecosystem has emerged that has enabled us to grow steadily.


Forms of Capital Support

Over the last six years, Youth Alliance has grown on account of several forms of capital support offered by various individuals, communities and organisations.  Some of the instances include:

Forms of Capital Support

"Investing in shares give returns to the owner. Investing in people give returns to the whole world"

The financial capital will be invested into carving out learning journeys for young dreamers into development space practitioners, social entrepreneurs and volunteers. The major cost is incurred into facilitation, alumni support, food, accommodation and other logistics. For more details, mail:

To contribute to Youth Alliance, please find the details below:

Youth Alliance Bank Details

Youth Alliance
A/C No.: 628801037805
Branch: 16/106 J.S. Tower, The Mall, Kanpur, UP- 208001

Note: All Indian monetary contributions to Youth Alliance are tax exempted u/s 80G