At Youth Alliance, leadership is deeply connected to the idea of self-transformation and growth. We believe that the individual and his journey lie at the core of leadership and thus, we focus on developing the leadership potential by nurturing empathic leaders who apply their head, heart and hands to understand and serve the world. Everyday at Youth Alliance, we work towards this vision by designing and facilitating ethical leadership and experiential learning programs for young people across India and also teams and groups within organisations to understand the deeper and finer aspects of leadership.

Position Summary  

This position is an invitation for you to join our family as a Fundraising Lead. For this Full-time position, you will be based out of New Delhi, planning and executing fundraising plans within and outside Delhi. Over the next three years, Youth Alliance is aiming to grow and further the cause of ‘nurturing individuals’ for empathetic leadership and social action through residential journeys and building a strong alumni community of over 650 members. Financial resources play a vital role in bringing these growth plans into reality. As a Fundraising Lead, you will be playing a pivotal role in securing required financial resources and also building relationships that go beyond providing financial support to form community of people, organisations that believe in the cause and the work we do.

Your role as a Fundraising Lead will call you to:

  • Maintain relationships with Individual and Institutional donors by providing regular updates.

  • Work towards procuring new donors (Institutions, High Net Worth Individuals, etc) through various networks and mediums.

  • Set up systems and processes for regular donations like - Monthly Giving

  • Ideate and drive fundraising events for specific programs or overall organisational need.  

  • Work closely with program teams for designing contribution models based on the needs of the program

  • Set up systems and processes for creating and maintaining budgets and project proposals.  

A Fundraising Lead is someone who has following skills and gifts:

  • Finds alignment with Youth Alliance’s core values- Inner Transformation, Integrity, empathy, trust, listening and service

  • Is a great team player, resourceful and works with a sense of possibility

  • Has excellent communication (English - oral and written) and relationship building skills

  • Is able to source new leads through research, take initiative and ownership to pursue them

  • Is able to work towards periodic targets by demonstrating perseverance

  • Has experience of working with individual and institutional fund-raising

As a full-time member of Youth Alliance, you will also get an opportunity to:

  • Be part of a community of committed individuals who seek to be the change

  • Get mentored by leaders like Ravi Gulati (Manzil), Anshu Gupta (Goonj), Venkat Krishnan (Give India), and Jayesh Patel (Manav Sadhna and Moved by Love)

  • Get freedom and support to work on personal transformation as well as innovate and design new need based programs in your role.

  • Represent organization at National and International level, advocating for the need to create transformational spaces for the Youth from all backgrounds.


Preferably two-four years in a similar role

Where will you be?

The city of Delhi and need based travel to multiple locations.

What can we pay?

Financial remuneration will be based on the competencies.