2019 marked 8 years of Youth Alliance's idea in practice. A 3-day event was celebrated in the presence of over 60 Youth Alliance alumni from across different programs. The celebration was a coming together of young people from different parts of the country including Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, etc in the spirit of community.

The three days which were co-created and co-held by the alumni community witnessed a range of deep dives into themes like Self, Community, System. The intention of the program was to create a space for respite, reflection, and learning while navigating through the myriad of questions that the community was present to.

Inner Self, Community and System's Inquiry have been some of the most vital themes in Youth Alliance's pursuit of understanding the world. These three days helped us explore different dimensions of each one of these.

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What does it take to imagine a community driven by a set of shared values?

Youth Alliance has been a safe space for young people to be themselves, to reconnect with their authentic self and their purpose. As the world gets more and more integrated, as technology indoctrinate all aspects of our life, the need for a space where one can connect with humans as humans based a shared human values becomes inevitable.


How does one create an inner life or be aware of the one that exists?

Conversations flowed in smaller groups to reflect on how the inner self finds itself in a tussle with some of the external forces. What does it take for a young person to nurture their awareness of self and make choices independent of external agendas?

Mr. P.Sainath speaking on “Rural Distress is not just Rural”.

Mr. Arun Maira speaking on “Why World needs a new Ethical Tool-kit.”


Sharing from alumni ABout alumni Meet

I have come back to Youth Alliance after a year - it’s like a base for me. I come back to the family of mine to venture out again in the world.
— Tarini, Young India Fellow
I realized the real meaning of connection and community through YA. How a connection is not about a network of people, but the ability to engage in authentic dialogue and hold each other.
— Kashish, Founder, Panchakosha