For us at Youth Alliance, leadership is deeply connected to the idea of self-transformation and growth. We believe that the individual and his journey lie at the core of leadership and thus, we focus on developing the leadership potential by nurturing the individual. We strive towards helping individuals discover their own truth, find out their inherent gifts and seek wisdom within their challenges. Such individuals, we believe, will respond better to human needs and lead others from the space of empathy and understanding, thus creating highly motivated and satisfied teams.

Who are these programs for?

We offer Leadership Development Programs for organizations – non-profit, for profit, corporate, think tanks and others – to enable teams and groups within such organizations to understand the deeper and finer aspects of leadership through various reflective and participative processes.

These programs can be customized for all levels of people in an organization – junior, mid and senior level and across different departments or functions.

What do these programs consist of?

These programs are designed to equip the participants in a diverse range of leadership competencies and skills:

  • Creating motivated, engaged and values-driven teams
  • Developing processes to provide a safe and nurturing environment to people
  • Promoting learning and growth through effective feedback and sharing mechanisms
  • Developing essential leadership attributes such as communication, proactiveness, conflict resolution, aligning to organizational values etc.
  • Deepening connection through practice of values like empathy, listening and acceptance while leading others
We also focus and customize the programs to include specific skills such as team work and collaboration, Time Management, Conflict Resolution, Communication and Public Speaking etc.


We employ several participative and interactive methods in our programs including circles, activities and games, audio-visuals, psychometric tools etc. to cater to different learning styles and needs of participants. Reflection and self-work form the very core of our approach towards learning and growth.

Our past interventions

Reach Out to Us:

In order to create similar experiences for your team, please do write to us at or call us at 8800614539. We would be happy to see how we can help you create values-driven and highly motivated teams.