• Azim Premji University (map)
  • Bangalore
  • India

Being Alone, together A conversation between self, community and change hosted by Youth Alliance at APU

Welcome here! Inviting you to join us to deep dive into what it means to create a community of solitudes, where each will be with oneself together. In a participative process, we shall hear our own truth, touch what brings us joy, observe our own patterns and take courageous steps towards change.

The 3-day experiential process is designed to enable us to

  • learn from each other
  • learn with each other, and
  • learn from ourselves in the company of each other.

And gently we shall make space for commitments to occur from within. And imagining ourselves to work as practitioners towards something that calls us because like Kahlil Gibran would say 'when we work, we fulfil earth's furthest dream assigned to us when the dream was born.'

The program is open for students of Azim Premji University only.